I had the wonderful opportunity to do a workshop for IMPACK Productions in June, 2009. I got to work alongside Mindy Pack, who in my heart, I feel are amazing vocal coaches that I would recommend any singer or recording artist work with. The abundance of talent that I witnessed in Utah was beyond my wildest expectations. From male, female, young and old, the talent completely blew me away! While giving a workshop on vocal styling, I was able to pull out any individual from the audience and they were able to sing with such vocal ease at exercises that would make the average singer struggle. It made my job so much more enjoyable and easy. The workshop was so interactive that everyone involved had a great time! It wouldn’t surprise me to find several of the singers from IMPACK Productions pop up on American Idol or to hear them singing hits on the radio in the near future. I have not stopped talking about all the wonderful, talented people I met in Utah and I look forward to coming back again in the near future. IMPACK Productions is definitely a goldmine for any A & R record label executives looking to sign new artists.
– Robert ‘RAab’ Stevenson

I have known and worked with Mindy for several years. Mindy is a wonderful person, a great singer and a terrific teacher. She understands the voice and the tools a singer needs to make the voice function at its optimum level. She has also worked extensively to develop her own voice so she knows what it takes for any singer to get the most out of their own voice. But Mindy’s greatest attribute is that she is a wonderful and caring person. She really cares about her students and goes the extra mile for them helping them to improve their talents and enjoy singing and performing.
– Dean Kaelin

You have helped me to become the performer I am today. You helped me to know that I am worth it as a performer. I always have known that you truly care about my success. I owe a lot of my success to you. I am ready to take on the world, take on whatever life has in store for me. I am ready for big things. Thank you for giving me strength and courage to know that I can do whatever I set my heart in doing. Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for being my teacher and teaching me so many wonderful things about my voice and about performing. Thank you Mindy.
– Brock

I don’t know what I can say. What an accomplishment! People I have never met before have told us that this fundraiser is the best they have ever seen. Because of your students and choir! One audience member told us, ‘I am going to bed tonight and will dream of all those kids with their big smiles – I will never forget it!’ I can only tell you thank you! From my heart. When I talk about you it will only be good thoughts and gratitude. I am so fortunate to know you!
– Laura Seely, Boys and Girls Club

Mindy, you have the ability and skill to take any student ‘as they are,’ and immediately know where to start, not wasting any time doing unnecessary exercises, only what they need. You immediately assess weaknesses and create a program designed for their particular level and needs. If a student has a particularly difficult hang up, you have the skill and ability to attack it at several different angles: if one thing does not work, you have a bag full of other tricks to try. There is no wasting time or fiddling around with you, you know exactly what to do. The 30 minutes of time is extremely efficient and exactly tailored to the particular student. You are also fun and have a great personality. You have the ability to remain very efficient in a lesson, but make it fun at the same time. This is a rare gift in my opinion for any kind of teacher.
– Randy

On behalf of USANA Studios, as well as USANA Health Sciences, we would like to thank you for your participation in the successful 2006 ‘Power of Two’ International Convention. Your professionalism and talent were a significant contribution to the success of the event and its message. The attendees, as well as USANA management all agree that this year’s event was the best ever, and we’re grateful for your gifted involvement.
– USANA Studios/USANA Health Sciences