Why not trust just anyone with your singing voice? With over 20+ years of teaching experience at IMPACK Productions we have witnessed the permanent damage that can occur with improper vocal coaching.  Having a trained and certified professional is critical to improving singing voices.  At IMPACK Productions our goal is to get every singer singing in their true and natural sound without the pain, tension, flipping, cracking, or pulling that often occurs without professional guidance.

In fact at IMPACK Productions, we tailor our teaching to what each singer needs in order to strengthen his or her voice regardless of the preferred genre of music.  We not only teach proper technique, we also work on performance, staging, anxiety, songwriting, style, auditioning, and assist in bookings.  We work with students of all ages. No matter what your vocal issue may be, what genre of music you sing, or what your vocal aspirations are we are the studio for you!

Come See why Disney, Nickelodeon, USANA,  BYU Young Ambassadors, Dance Dance Revolution, Xbox 360, Konami, Cascade Recordings, Big Idea Productions, Hale Center Theater, local and national musical theater companies and other industry professionals have seen in IMPACK production students.  Call today for your first vocal assessment!   801-273-SING (7464)